A Little Piece of Heaven

It usually only happens once a year. I find myself longing for it and remembering how long it has been since the last time. It’s special. It’s magical. It’s one of the sweetest things I have ever had the pleasure of tasting and there is nothing that I can think of that compares to its goodness. It’s my wife’s Christmas Fudge and it is “a little piece of heaven”.

It’s made from a Westbrook family recipe and I for one am very grateful for this tradition of passing down recipes. But this year the fudge turned out a little different; it tasted a little sweeter.

We decided this year to make the fudge with as many fair trade certified ingredients as possible. That meant a trip to our local Wholefoods Market to see what ingredients we could find. I toured the isles and found with relative ease, and a little help from an employee, Fair Trade Certified sugar, chocolate chips and vanilla extract.

Wholesome Sweeteners

SunSpire Chocolate Chips

Frontier Fair Trade

I must say that this is the best fudge I have ever tasted. An obvious (and biased) reason is because my wife labored over it with love and the texture and consistency is perfect. Another reason is because of what’s inside. I know that those who helped to produce the ingredients that went into this fudge were treated fairly. We’re making an effort to make sure that the things we enjoy so much are obtained in an ethical way. It wasn’t any harder to make, it just took a little extra planning. The next time it will be even easier. The end result is Fair Trade Fudge. The only bad part about this whole endeavor is that it disappears very quickly!

The bottom line is that many of us are leery of trying new things. “This is the way we’ve always done it”, is safe and hard to get out of. What if we mess it up or we spend all that time and it turns out wrong? Believe me, I understand this. Just tonight I tried to make a new kind of Fair Trade hot chocolate using Silk milk and a few different brands of cocoa. I’ll talk more about it in a different post but let’s just say that my first attempt was an epic fail… I guess you’ll never know if you don’t try and my track record shows me that most of the time I end up pleased with the outcome and the work I put into it.

So go ahead, try something new. If it doesn’t work out, readjust and try again. When your attempts at trying something new involve becoming more socially responsible and ethically-minded, you can’t go wrong!

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