Not Everyone Knows…

I know. Many of my friends and family know. But the fact remains that there are still many people that we come in contact with don’t what Fair Trade is. This is a problem! It comes down to this; If we know of something good, we need to let others know about it. We need to share with others the good things we have experienced. We do this already with restaurants, movies & vacations spots. Lets just keep in mind that Fair Trade is something good that we can share with friends, family and complete strangers.

I had a Fair Trade education moment today as I was picking up a few groceries from Safeway after my evening run. I was going through the isles gathering a few things, (I only had a hand basket) when something on the shelf caught my eye, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. Dr Bronner;s is the soap that I use now and it is Fair Trade certified by Fair For Life. To my knowledge, my local Safeway has just begun carrying this item. I usually buy this product from one of our other local grocery stores that carries a wide variety of Fair Trade goods. So needless to say I was surprised and excited to see Dr. Bronner’s on the shelf in Safeway. I threw a bar in my basket, as I was out of it at home, and headed to the checkout.

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While chatting with the woman out the register I mentioned that I was happy to see another Fair Trade item in the store. Her initial responce told me that she had no idea what I was talking about. I showed her the bar of soap and pointed out the Fair For Life logo on the packaging. Then, for the next 4 or 5 minutes we had a conversation about Fair Trade. I told what her what products in her store were Fair Trade and how Safeway was starting to catch up to the other two grocers in town, albeit very slowly and they have a lot of catching up to do. I told her what Fair Trade meant to me and how I could be assured that the supply involved in getting me the product was free of child labor or forced labor. I told her that Fair Trade meant a fair price was paid to producers and growers and talked about how all along the way people were treated fairly. This seemed to be the first time she had ever heard any of this information. I was excited to have had the moment to share with her about Fair Trade, and to get some soap as I was smelling pretty ripe from my run.

Find moments, engage with others about Fair Trade, share with others why you are passionate about this movement. This is the way things grow. When we experience something good, we want to share it with others. Fair Trade is no different. Vive la Fair Trade!!!!

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